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From The Gold Coast To Electric Avenue
Ashia Cobblah a Ghanaian pensioner, now in her 80’s who originally wanted to be a nun an idea that was Read more
The Maze: Beautifully Broken by Amazin Ijeoma
Odiuko, the abused, was mistaken as the abuser. She endured so much in the hands of her abusers and accusers, Read more
Adventures From The 1910s - Unsinkable
Nine-year-old Isabella, an upper-class girl, is forced to move to America with her slightly annoying older brother, an adventurous father Read more
The Jensons by Chelsea Anyanwu
The Jensons is a comic fantasy children's story about this really wealthy family causing mayhem wherever they land their feet. Read more
Tune In
Filled with memorable actionable quotes, drawn from deep personal experiences, Faustina gives you a clear lens to dealing with, embracing Read more
Title: Trappy, Pully and pushy. Edition: Paperback Size: 32 pages Language : English Genre: Children’s fiction. Release date :  28 Read more
Eze Ihenacho
Prince Ezem Ihenacho is a London based approved Mental Health Professional, a Humanitarian, Broadcaster and author of many books including; Read more
Irrational and confused thinking have brought about irrational and confused actions hence, humanity is at war with itself! Adjust and Read more
Dr Nkem Ezeilo MBBS, Dip. Performance Coaching, MRCGP is a holistic General Practitioner and a mother based in the United Read more
This freshly updated book by Dr Nkem Ezeilo (aka Dr Kem), the Women's Success Coach, is an intensive, action-oriented, 30-day Read more
In March 2015 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, a diagnosis which carries a poor prognosis of weeks Read more
The Big R of A Successful Business
After 3 years behind the scene, strategically navigating a highly capital intensive publishing and media business from barely no budget Read more
'Trappy, Pully and Pushy' illustrates a happy outlook to life which resonates with children . A tale of three opposite Read more
Chikodi Alexis Akonobi was born in Nigeria and is the fourth child but third daughter in her family. She was Read more