Inspirational Blueprints for personal success for women by Dr Nkem Ezeilo

DR Nkem book cover 1ABOUT THE BOOK:

No. of pages: 300

ISBN: 9780993041761

Format: Paperback

Release date: 31/03/2016


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This freshly updated book by Dr Nkem Ezeilo (aka Dr Kem), the Women’s Success Coach, is an intensive, action-oriented, 30-day program which will show you how to:

•       Become very clear about what you want out of life.
•       Create a definite plan of action to help you reach your goals.
•       Form good habits that lead to success.
•       Become confident and unstoppable (when you act on what you read, that is).
•       Make affirmations work for you.
•       Eliminate stress from your life. 
•       Take control of your life instead of letting people, life and events control you.

•       Achieve any goals you set for yourself. Amazing stuff, this.
Each day you learn about a specific success principle: what it is, why it works, how you benefit from it and how to apply it, practically, in your day to day life. At the end of each chapter there’s an exercise to help you crystalize what you’ve read and put it into practice. It’s like having your own Personal Coach to guide you through each day’s exercise.


1. “Dr Kem’s encouraging style and no-nonsense approach make this an entirely readable and highly motivational book. No one who reads it through will be able to resist grabbing a pen to write down their goals and changing the way they look at life, from Day 1.”

2. “As someone who suffers from chronic, major depression, it is sometimes difficult to imagine a life without emotional pain. However, after reading the ‘Personal Success Blueprints – for Women’ I have been granted a new lease on life. It has taught me how powerful my mind is and how I can create positive change in myself. It has also taught me how to accept who I am and to be grateful for the lessons I am learning. This book is really an interactive guide. Each chapter has lessons to complete so you can incorporate everything you are learning to your everyday life. All of the lessons and articles are easy to understand and anyone can become successful if they apply the techniques in the book. This is my ‘Success Manual’ and I am grateful to Kem for writing it.”

  • Elizabeth, Wisconsin, USA.


3. “I bought this book for my wife but after reading it myself, I bought 10 more copies to give to our friends, it’s that good!”

  • Dr.K. O.


4. “This book is the only other book by my bedside, apart from my Bible. “

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