Ready to publish your book?

Selfpublishing company

We are here to help you make your dream of becoming a published author a reality.

Self-publishing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to handle all the bits and bobs all by yourself. With the help of Faunteewrites publishing, we ensure your book goes through all the rigorous stages of a professionally published book, in which you would remain forever proud of through your lifetime.

We offer 3 major publishing packages if you would need proofreading, editing or ghostwriting for your manuscript.

However, if you have written your own manuscript, edited and you simply want to get your book published, distributed and promoted. Here are the packages for you.

With our expert help, your book will be published and promoted on over 70 platforms worldwide, including – Amazon, Barnes and Nobels, Google books and Google play, Apple books, Waterstones and more…


All our publishing packages come with a thank you gift box – bookmarker, promotional/marketing flyers with discount codes. A free author one-page website hosted and managed free of charge for one year.

Standard Package – For books with no images or illustrations – up to 100 pages.

  • E-book and paperback versions of your book, including –
  • *ISBN number.
  • *Customized commercial book cover.
  • *Distribution assistance: publish and have your book distributed globally platforms and bookstores- including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books.
  • *Keep 100% of royalties.
  • *Price – £850.00 only.

Premium Package – For books without images or illustrations – From 101 to 300 pages. – Price – from – £1250

Does your book require images, illustrations, proofreading, editing or is more than 500 pages? Then contact us now to request a bespoke quote.