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Adventures From The 1910s - Unsinkable

Adventures From the 1910s – Unsinkable.

Nine-year-old Isabella, an upper-class girl, is forced to move to America with her slightly annoying older brother, an adventurous father and a down-to-earth mother. She’s even more upset that she’ll leave her school and her best friend, Anastasia. But what better way to experience going to America than taking the Titanic?

Akonobi, Chikodi Alexis.

Chikodi Alexis Akonobi was born in Nigeria and is the fourth child but third daughter in her family. She was trained as a Registered nurse in Canada but has since left the medical field to serve the Lord Jesus Christ full time and take care of her family. She now spends her days sharing the gospel in various locations as the Lord Jesus permits or opportune.

Dr Kem

Dr Nkem Ezeilo MBBS, Dip. Performance Coaching, MRCGP is a holistic General Practitioner and a mother based in the United Kingdom. She has been a student of Personal Development and the Mind for several decades and has seen first hand the power of the mind in creating success in any area of life.

UK Doctor defies cancer diagnosis to pen an Inspirational book for women .

In March 2015 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, a diagnosis which carries a poor prognosis of weeks to months. Determined and strong willed, Dr Nkem knew she would beat it, by practicing what she teaches about Optimal Mindset being the key to success in any area of life, including health.