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Akonobi, Chikodi Alexis.

Chikodi Alexis Akonobi was born in Nigeria and is the fourth child but third daughter in her family. She was trained as a Registered nurse in Canada but has since left the medical field to serve the Lord Jesus Christ full time and take care of her family. She now spends her days sharing the gospel in various locations as the Lord Jesus permits or opportune.

The Lord Jesus Christ Crushed Satan – By Chikodi Alexis Akonobi.

As I walked to the couch I said a short prayer, “Into thy hands I commit my spirit. Lord Jesus, receive my soul”. God hears our prayers!!! I fell asleep almost immediately. In my dream, I was on a table surrounded by some people. It was a weird room with candles, like an occult room. I could not see their faces but one of the people had a knife and was about to stab me.