The Lord Jesus Christ Crushed Satan – By Chikodi Alexis Akonobi.

Title:    The Lord Jesus Christ Crushed Satan.

Subtitle: Delivered me from 7 hours Demonic Possession.

The Lord Jesus Christ Crushed SatanAuthor: Akonobi, Chikodi Alexis.Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780993041778
Size: 198mm x 130mm
No. Pages: 60
Genre: Non-Fiction: Religious, Christian, personal experience.
Language: English
Date of Release: 30/01/2018
Publisher: Faunteewrites Limited.
Price: £6.50 Canada/US – $8.50


I decided to purchase my ticket one day, so I sat in front of the computer to book a flight from Canada to Nigeria. Suddenly I felt intense weakness, as though life was being sucked out of me. I could not finish the transaction so I decided to go and lie down. I dragged myself to the couch; put my iPod ear plugs in my ears, and started listening to the gospel songs playing. As I walked to the couch I said a short prayer, “Into thy hands I commit my spirit. Lord Jesus, receive my soul”. God hears our prayers!!! I fell asleep almost immediately. In my dream, I was on a table surrounded by some people. It was a weird room with candles, like an occult room. I could not see their faces but one of the people had a knife and was about to stab me.