Adventures From the 1910s – Unsinkable.

Adventures From the 1910s – Unsinkable.

Page count – 134

Genre – Historical Fiction based on a true story – for young readers.

Format – Paperback and Ebook

ISBN – 978-1-913103-03-3, 978-1-913103-10-1

Release Date – 08/06/2021.

Publisher – Faunteewrites Limited

Adventures From The 1910s - Unsinkable by Danielle Anyanwu



Nine-year-old Isabella, an upper-class girl, is forced to move to America with her slightly annoying older brother, an adventurous father and a down-to-earth mother. She’s even more upset that she’ll leave her school and her best friend, Anastasia. But what better way to experience going to America than taking the Titanic? 

Not to mention, a happy surprise passenger for Isabella, possibly a beautiful maid for James, a new friend for Father, and a lavish trip for Mother. But the table turns, and not only is Father’s friend super annoying, but Titanic is about to sink! Will the Norflooks survive this trip in search of the promised American Dream?

About The Author

Danielle Anyanwu is a twelve-year-old, year 7 student at St Ursula’s Convent and a former pupil of Southrise Primary Plumstead. She is the second of four siblings. She’s a greater depth student and has been throughout most of her school years.

Danielle is a voracious reader. She enjoys reading a variety of genres with a great interest in world history.

In year 5, she read all the chapter books in her class library,  her teacher had to tell her parents to get her more books to read.

In future, Danielle would like to be a successful author, an entrepreneur, a solicitor and a reporter. She lives in London with her parents, two sisters and a baby brother.


“Unsinkable is a delightfully exciting new take on the Titanic story.” – C. Hub Magazine

“This 12-year old shocked me when I read through her book and learnt that she’s this young. Creativity and command of English Language – beautifully incomparable. I thought I was reading works of a 30 years old, privileged African girl in Britain.” – Kakwenza Rukirabashaija – Author, lawyer and journalist.

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