Prince Ezem Ihenacho

Eze ihePrince Ezem Ihenacho is a London based approved Mental Health Professional, a Humanitarian, Broadcaster and author of many books including; Hard Hitting! The real truth about men, marriage & infidelity published in 2010 as well as, Your Child, My Child, Whose Child which was published in 2012. A prolific and thought provoking writer. In his humorous nature has recently proven to also be a teeth lifter.

He is a father, an ex-seminarian. He was brought up in one of the world’s largest families. In his family, there is always up to sixty children growing up at every given stage. The blend of his childhood experience in his rural village, Amaegbu, Ekwerazu, Ogwa, Imo State, Nigeria and his adopted ‘first world’ country, England has driven him to conclude that “‘wisdom, knowledge and foolishness is not synonymous with any particular age, gender, status, nationality, creed or ethnicity.’ Therefore the ordinary he states, can produce the extra-ordinary and vice versa”.

Prince Ihenacho is the author of the acclaimed title, Humility of the brain in defence of humanity.  His latest title, a thought provoking insight into the state of our world today, the dangers ahead and the solutions he has proposed to safe the world, ‘Our World in Metaphors driven by the truth’ is out soon!