Our world in metaphors by Prince Ezem Ihenacho

Book title: Our World in Metaphors driven by the truth.
Author: Prince Ezem Ihenacho.
Language: English.
ISBN: 978-0-993 0417-8-5.
Format: Paperback and Kindle
Genre: Nonfiction/ Philosophy.
No. Pages: 200 pages
Release date: October, 2016
Price: N/A

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Our world like the human body have different parts bringing their unique attributes together in one accord in order to function at its best.

What would be the state of this body when those representing the hand and head decide to cripple the leg or delude themselves to think that they would benefit from weakening, confusing and subduing the leg? What would happen to the body when the leg fails in its duty not only to itself but, to the entire body and acts as inferior to the rest? Both the inferior and superior in a body (a world) that cannot function without differences…a body that can only function based on respect for differences, complement and collaboration are guilty and responsible for all the evils of this world.

Irrational and confused thinking have brought about irrational and confused actions hence, humanity is at war with itself! Adjust and expand your thinking for your own good, the good of your loved ones and the good of humanity. The real fight is on right here; save humanity now by embracing the facts or face the dire consequences.

‘Our World In Metaphors, Driven By the Truth’ offers thought provoking insight into the state of our world as a body that requires thorough overhauling, repairs and or replacement of damaged parts. Out soon!
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