Dr Kem

Dr Kem 8bDr Nkem Ezeilo aka Dr kem

Dr Nkem Ezeilo MBBS, Dip. Performance Coaching, MRCGP is a holistic General Practitioner and a mother based in the United Kingdom. She has been a student of Personal Development and the Mind for several decades and has seen first hand the power of the mind in creating success in any area of life.

In this book she shares the proven principles which have helped her and her clients achieve success in their personal and professional lives. These are the principles which have helped her overcome breast cancer twice including what was said to be advanced and metastatic.
She is passionate about the power of a Healthy Lifestyle to prevent and reverse disease, and in fact this book deals mostly with the First out of Ten Pillars of Health: Optimal Mind-set.

Dr Kem as she is fondly called, enjoys reading and writing, playing music, spending time with friends and loved ones, watching a good movie.