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Whether you're a first-time writer, established author or an independent publisher looking to publish quality print books and ebooks with global distribution, you've come to the right place! If you have something to share, we have the power to help you make it happen! We get your story and your ideas published into a book. From writing your first words to getting your book in front of the world, we have the capacity to help you all the way through.

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we have been publishing high quality fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, manuals, memoirs, self-help books and children's books, since 2012.

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We offer a wide range of services helping authors achieve their publishing goals. Taking into consideration each author’s unique story, audience and set goals.

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Is your manuscript done and ready to be published? We can help you self-publish your book, holding 100% of your royalty. Click below to learn more.

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As I walked to the couch I said a short prayer, “Into thy hands I commit my spirit. Lord Jesus, Read more
The Maze: A Self Rediscovery Guide
The Maze: A self Re-discovery guide: Author uses her own story to guide young people on a self-discovery journey in Read more
Tune In
Filled with memorable actionable quotes, drawn from deep personal experiences, Faustina gives you a clear lens to dealing with, embracing Read more