Kalango : the personified story of Nigeria by Emeka Anyanwu

Kalango-Complete coverAuthor: Emeka Anyanwu

publisher: Faunteewrites Limited

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Release Date: 15/11/2014
No. Of Pages: 213

“Kalango” is a narrative that fiercely took off with a click to set the tone for Leadership that is constantly lacking in Nigerian society since its independence. The plot revolves around the antagonist – “Uzo” who through his personal experience and challenges took up the task of providing this much needed leadership.

“Kalango” uses Uzo’s trials and challenges to depict the socio-political transformation going on in the most populous African nation. Through family values, community and corporate culture one can assess the situation in Nigeria and how to overcome some of the difficulties.

Uzo spurred by ambition or personal life experience began his life journey with energy, enthusiasm and good sense of possibility. He saw first hand his father’s encounter with life and love, hardwork and risk. ”Dee Nnaa, as my Dad is always called is 75 yet not retired from work and shows no sign of stopping either.” On another scenario Uzo listens to his mum. She says: ”the bad people are always the dust in the fabric of our lives, we need to wash them off.” Washing them off is always a huge task, that is responsibility, and that is leadership. Charity they say begins at home and the first hurdle was Bede his brother who was a bit of a laid back.

His worst nightmare did not come from his brother Bede who questioned his judgement and logic while they were living together at Port Harcourt when Uzo told him to take responsibility. It came when Kalango the protagonist, a wealthy businessman and a philanderer unleashed his vile, irrational and ruthless attack on a follow tenant in the same estate. Using tactics he called “ex-heading and in-heading,” to manipulate and intimidate his victims. He uses ruse and charm to lure their wives to bed. Kalango epitomises everything bad about Nigeria. Kalango is the untouchable, he has connection with Aso Rock the seat of power by virtue of being an in-law to the President.

Kalango’s creepy behaviours like voyeurism, hubris and debauchery are always in the air. They smell so awful and funny that people in the community Could not come out without cupping their noses with their hands. His romance with his newest conquest – Uddin did not in any way change people’s perception of him. “Needless to ask, we can do things by ourselves especially in our own community, where we live. It’s our culture that’s eroding, making people like Kalango to flourish. Evil Kalango must be put behind bars and must pay for his crime.”

This statement made by Uzo did not come without a price tag. Challenging Kalango was daunting task. To be precise, it was like one facing mother nature, a huge battle of force with a formidable fear factor ready to crush one’s ball of will. Will Uzo be able to withstand this hell of force?

Uzo uses social media to begin his attack on Kalango’s ruthlessness, garnering momentum and gathering the support of fans of and the people of Rumuokoro community to speak out against the man they all feared.

Kalango’s romance with Uddin culminated in shooting of an expatriat Jeff Broad – Chevron’s Boss. Both men were dating Uddin at the same time. Unknown to Uddin that the man she ditched Kalango for was himself a casanova.

With huge pressure mounting on Uzo, he was forced to abandon his base -Port Harcourt to open up another new front at St. John’s in Lagos where he sought refuge.

”I know things tend to disperse overtime, it does not mean they don’t exist, they are still lurking somewhere and more likely to surface on the shortest possible time.”

This is a decision time and leadership is all about taking decision. The forces of nature continue to conspire against one if one fails to take responsibility. With huge stacks of odd against him, he was being tested to a limit, and no respite was coming on his way.

”The struggle I started might be having its toll on me, but I’m not bothered. It’s said when ‘when one door closes another one opens.”’

Everything seems to be pointing towards one direction, that direction is St. John’s the Hospital where the victim of Kalango’s boys shooting was being treated of his injuries. The place where Uzo calls his new home will later be a jungle where his life and career will be at risk. Having survived the second hurdle, he’s now facing new kind of war at the corporate level.

Dr Eke and Dr Egbunike founded St. John’s hospital as a place of happiness and last hope for the frail. Like most projects they always come with good intentions and values but execution and sustainability tend to be a nightmare. St John’s is a nightmare, Dr Eke with his intimidation and bullying, the hospital witnessed all forms abuses, exploitations, debauchery, hubris, sleaze and jealousy. Dr Eke unable to control the monsters he created including infections and crippling strikes by the Nurses and Doctors, what will Uzo do next? Is he able to turn things around or is it another mission impossible?

Kalango is a page turner that takes you through a journey into the heart of Nigerian society, introducing you to the daily lives of the ordinary man on the street and how he finds his way to survival.